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Lewis Filtration Services services and repairs our own, and our competitors’
residential & commercial systems
AND we design and install custom residential & commercial systems
based on your water purification needs.
We will customize a system for YOU, based on YOUR water purity issues, to get your
“water the way it should be.”

Today’s water is contaminated with many natural, chemical and environmental agents that affect the quality of the water you drink and bathe with, the water you wash clothes and dishes with, and the water your business uses, whether it’s for watering plants in a greenhouse or for laundromat services.

To provide you the highest quality service, Lewis Filtration Services sends a TCEQ certified Class III Water Treatment Specialist, with at least 15 years of experience, to meet with you every step of the way, from initial sales call, to installation, to all service calls.  **Class III Water Treatment Specialists possess the highest licensing and experience in the State of Texas.

A Lewis Filtration Services Water Treatment Specialist** will test your water, discuss your wants or needs with you, and look at the existing setup of your house or business before we begin designing a customized system to meet your needs.


Other Important Information

Included State Licensing Credentials Insurance
Warranty **TCEQ Water Treatment Specialist III General Liability Insurance
Free Estimates License WT002119 $1,000,000
Bilingual (English & Spanish) Exp. 07-01-2014 Exp. 08-14-2019