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**WATER SOFTENERS – How do I know if I need a water softener?
If you have stains or soapy buildup on your sinks or bathtubs,
If you have to use a lot of soap to clean your dishes, laundry or wash your hair,
If your water tastes or smells odd…
You may have hard water.

Left untreated, minerals in hard water cause stains and buildup as “scale” in your plumbing and water-using appliances (such as water heaters, coffee makers, humidifiers, dish washers and washing machines). Scale buildup cuts the efficiency of these appliances, eventually shortening their life. You’ll begin to see this costing you money in electricity and maintenance bills and replacement costs.

Water softeners remove the “hard” minerals in the water providing money savings and other noticeable differences:
– soap and shampoo will lather better
– no soap scum to scrub off bathroom fixtures
– clothes will be softer and brighter and will last up to 33% longer
– dishes will come clean more easily and glasses won’t get film or etching caused by hard minerals
– water-using appliances will run 30% longer and more efficiently


Lewis Filtration Services services and repairs our own, and our competitors’ residential & commercial systems AND we design and install custom residential & commercial systems based on your water purification needs.

We will customize a system for YOU, based on YOUR water purity issues, to get your
“water the way it should be.”